Thursday, March 15, 2012

Classroom to Community through your eyes!

Familiar with Wordle? This is one of my favorite things on the Internet and can be incorporated into all kinds of classroom activities.

This is a Wordle taken from our mid-course evaluations, both from Rollins students and from Teach For America corps members. I took the text from the last part of our course evaluation in which Gaelle gave me some questions to ask that will help her design our class logo.

I will post something similar at the end of class with our final evaluation from the TFA perspectives and the MPH perspectives about what folks got out of the class.

So -- what do you think? Does this accurately reflect our class? What's missing? What's overemphasized? Interested in your thoughts!

PS -- Check out Classroom to Community in the Emory Report!


  1. This is awesome!!! I had heard about Wordle, but never played in it. I think the word partner (or some synonym) belongs in this Wordle...hate the connotation that we're saving the world and its many victims as teachers and/or health educators!

  2. So cool!!! "Health," "hands-on," "community," and "growth" especially stand out to me! It would be great if more of the emotions emphasized-- "passion" and "excitement."
    I remember when you used this in your lesson in the Qualitative Research Methods course last year! I'm really interested to see how else Wordle can be used in classroom activities.

  3. This is a great visual tool. Maybe if we did an exit ticket at the end of our first lesson, we could use the responses from that to create a wordle that we then use to review at the beginning of our second lesson.