Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things That Stick

today, teaching refugee kids in Clarkston with Alek reminded me of my first lesson with Ms. Allen. 

the important messages from C2C stick:
one. keep it simple 
two. set expectations high 
three. appeal to different learning styles 
four. check for understanding

our message:
keep your teeth strong. what is good for teeth?
one. water
two. vegetables
three. brushing your teeth

we kept it simple. we had each child tell us again and again. water. vegetables. brushing your teeth. we had hand motions. we had a song. we had success. 

the C2C skill set is invaluable. like a simple message, it sticks. 

what also sticks are the people and the passion. i continue to learn from the people around me. being impressed by erin's honesty. picking up alek's class management line, "we know you are good listeners, but we need you to show us." and being inspired by the incredible spirit of each kid. 

-lolly beck-pancer, MPH candidate, C2C 2012


  1. Love it!! What do you think your fellow classmates would say if faculty said, "I know you are good listeners, but you need to show me!" : )

    I do agree that your four key take home messages from C2C work for any age of student -- toddler to adult. I would add one thing at the beginning: set clear objectives. This is also something that is unfortunately missing from a lot of educational experiences!!

    I love the pictures! The kids are lucky to have you!

  2. Go Lols!!! You are just the best.