Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teaching makes me feel like a...

In doing my reflection about my first lesson and gearing up for Round 2...I came to the realization that preparing to teach and teaching makes me feel like anything and anyone but myself. Here's a short list of my "out of body" teaching experiences.

1. Lesson planning makes me feel like a GPS and by that I mean...

Destination: Learning Outcome. Estimated time of arrival: End of class period.

I have to create a road map for 20 students  and keep in mind that they will all be taking different modes of transportation ( learning styles). Some may make a wrong turn or need to  detour during the trip ( questions or lack of engagement).   I may have to recalculate and constantly make sure they  turn and stop when needed ( checks for understanding).

2. Preparing teaching materials and activities makes me feel like a mad scientist and by that I mean...

Take one small group activity, add 10 minutes of  lecture, and one exit ticket and what do you ENGAGING lesson ( insert not so evil laugh here)!

No matter what activities I put together or how I put them together, each lesson is my own unique creation.

3. Evaluating my teaching  makes me feel like a interior designer and by that I mean...

Couch...check! End table...check! Loveseat...check! All the pieces are there but they can always be moved or reupholstered  to make the space seem completely new and improved.

When teaching, I know I have all the basic concepts and ideas down but I can always change the way I deliver material and make the lesson look even better.  When "redecorating" my teaching, I seek the opinions of others and take their ideas into consideration.

4. Teaching makes me feel like a superhero and by that I mean...

I get to finally live out my childhood dream and be Batman! EXCITEMENT!

But teaching  is not just about saving the day...I am someone looked to for help and get to be a role model. If everyone in Gotham City strives to be like Batman and tries to help others...pretty soon there will be no one that needs to be saved.

So, what does teaching make you feel like?

-Carrie Oliver, Rollins School of Public Health

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  1. Oh I just love this post!! So creative and so on point! : ) I will need to think about your question more before I can post something half as interesting as what you wrote. : )