Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catch On Fire

I am still glowing off the high from the C2C final dinner. It feels like graduation where you don’t want to let go. I don’t want to not see Audra and Erin and ask Alice how her lessons went and watch Sahar’s expressions while she reflects on her teaching. Something huge happened here. That room radiated with the drive and commitment that emanated from every body in the room. 

The work we do is exhausting and endless but we work tirelessly and refuel with each other’s ideas, passion, and humanity. Sometimes I wonder if teaching is as much a skill set as about being someone who inspires. In the words of the great Lauren Lamont: We are on fire. Fire is the passion and urgency that drives us. We can spread that fire by touching someone else, disseminating this partnership to other universities, drawing our students into the cause, seeing leaders in everyone around us,  challenging injustice, and living lives where we embody respect and humility in all that we do. 

Join us.

Catch on fire. 


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