Monday, December 24, 2012

Meet the 2013 C2C Cohort! (Ariela's Teams)

We have 10 teams in the 2013 cohort, each comprised of one Emory student (from public health or nursing) and one Teach For America corps member or alum. We can't wait to meet them and get started in January!

Logan Kirsch
Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education,
Rollins School of Public Health
I am excited to participate in Classroom 2 Community because I believe the intersection of health and education provides a valuable medium through which to promote health and wellness among youth. Working with children is one of my greatest passions, and I think this experience will help to shape my future as a health educator.

Jenny Drucker
1st Grade, George A. Towns Elementary
I am excited to work with my Emory partner to share his strengths and health knowledge with my students, in order to teach them how to take responsibility for their health. When students can take responsibility for their own health from an early age, they develop important habits and mindsets to set them up for a healthy future. When students are able to prevent health issues, they can spend more time in school, focused on their education.

* * *

Stephanie Lambert
Hubert Department of Global Health, Rollins School of Public Health

I am excited to join the C2C team because I believe that good teachers are the pillars of our communities. They can guide a student to greatness, opening eyes to the wonders of the world and unleashing the potential of the mind. Oftentimes they are also in a position to provide kindness and comfort to youth navigating the difficulties of adolescence. Teachers transform lives, and I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to do just that.

Grayce Selig
11th Grade Chemistry, McNair High School
A student’s health and his or her classroom performance are intertwined. I have come to the realization that my students will have trouble succeeding in the classroom if their personal health wavers. Coming to this understanding, I am excited to partner with the Rollins School of Public Health in order to expose and inform my students to vital information, which otherwise, they may not get anywhere else.

* * *

Jodie Simms 
Family Practice and Nurse Midwifery, Woodruff School of Nursing  
I am excited about participating in C2C because I am always searching for ways to improve my skills as a health educator. I am passionate about working in small, underserved communities and I strongly believe in the power of community and education to improve health outcomes and promote wellness from an early age. C2C will provide me with the amazing opportunity to connect with schools and learn how to be more effective as a community health provider.

Lorna Whaley
K-12th Grade Special Education,Tri-Cities High School
I am most excited about participating in C2C because I fit perfectly into the puzzle!  Having graduated from the University of Louisville School of Nursing in May 2012, I currently am an RN, BSN. C2C is going to enhance my ability to infuse my undergraduate studies into my classroom every day with my kids.

* * *

Sara Millimet
Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education,
Rollins School of Public Health

I could not be more excited to participate in C2C. I am eager to learn practical teaching skills and experience to allow me to further develop as a health educator. Moreover, I cannot wait to join a team of wonderful professionals working towards breaking the vicious cycle between inadequate education and poor health in the United States.

Molly Magruder
1st grade, Perkerson Elementary School

I am excited to work with C2C because I am thrilled that my amazing students will get to be exposed to knowledge to which they might not otherwise have access. I'm also excited to learn a little more about public health myself! 
* * *
Kari Bannon
Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education,
Rollins School of Public Health

I am excited to participate in C2C because of the experience I'll develop working with students and my TFA corps member. I look forward to developing skills that will allow me to be an effective educator, and learning how to bring health into subjects where it is not often discussed. 

Rachel Hollingsworth
6th Grade Math, Freedom Middle School
Since I have been teaching, I have not had a single day of perfect attendance. Students are often out of school because health ailments that could have easily been avoided. If they are not in school, they are not learning. And, even if students are in school, health issues often prevent them from focusing. I am excited about C2C because it will help bring health care, health issues, and healthy life styles to the forefront of my students minds. And, as a result, they will gain a quality education.

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