Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hats Off to the Kick-off!

From left: Audra, Michael, me (Sahar), and Lolly
What an awesome kick-off event to get us started for the Classroom to Community seminar this coming semester! This past Wednesday evening, Atlanta Teach for America (TFA) teachers and Emory graduate students were brought together at Carpe Diem in Decatur to have the opportunity to meet one another, face-to-face, over some food and drinks.

It was such a wonderful experience to see everyone and acknowledge all of the effort and energy that has gone into this initiative so far. Each of us was introduced to the TFA teacher that we had been paired with—giving us a chance to further discuss our shared interests in health and education. There’s nothing more empowering and exciting than having a group of people together who are all interested in making a change—in this case, a change in our communities and schools.

Erica, Alvin, Sarah, Shawn, and Nina
At the kick-off event, Ariela had put together an activity that was designed for us to talk about ourselves and our respective fields. Some questions prompted us to share our “craziest” classroom/public health experiences, which individual inspires us, and our personal definitions of Teach for America and public health.

What I enjoyed most about meeting everyone that evening was simply listening to what it was that brought each of us to join this effort, and our specific interests in the Classroom to Community course. This is what had the most lasting impression on me.

Gaelle, Amy, Kathleen, Scot, and Jenny
I am very excited to be able to apply my public health knowledge in a classroom setting, and to learn first-hand from TFA teachers and students about the health and educational needs of our local Atlanta schools. After Wednesday’s kick-off event, it’s evident that this is just the beginning of something very big and very amazing!

- Sahar Salek, MPH Candidate, Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

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  1. For me, one of the best parts of the kick off was seeing all of you get to know each other and realize how much you have in common. There is so much synergy between public health and education -- seeing many of the same issues, just from different perspectives!