Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yes We Can!

I could recount the highlights of my day in Ms. Allen’s pre-k classroom but it would include every moment: the predawn pump-up jams as we carpooled to school, singing good morning to the class fish, Fishy, reading about Barack Obama, stretching out and spelling F-R-O-G, hopping over sight words, treasure hunting for pine cones, and writing sight words in shaving cream. Ms. Allen’s classroom is a world of its own. You step into this remarkable universe of colors and shapes where every moment is infused with creativity, and anything is possible. Ms. Allen and her Star Scholars create an environment where everyone challenges each other to be their best selves. The level of love and respect is matched only by the expectation of achievement. I am thrilled to be a part a part of the community that is her classroom.

- Lolly Beck-Pancer

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  1. That's awesome -- I want to go back to Pre-K, but only if I can be in Julie's classroom!